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The Hertford Youth Club is a registered charity (No. 1173953, see Registration Certificate) originally formed in 1964, and is the successor organization to the Bayley Youth Club, originally founded in 1946.  The Club currently owns and operates the Pioneer Hall, Ware Road, Hertford as a Youth and Community Centre with an "open" style youth club.

The Club is an independent body, but works closely with County Council and Local Government services. The responsibilities of the Club are laid down in a Club Deed. The primary purpose of the work of the Club is to meet the needs of the young people of Hertford and the surrounding areas. The Club is a voluntary organization and welcomes new Trustees who have an interest in Youth and Community work and can offer suitable skills.

Involvement in the ongoing provision of a Youth and Community Centre meets a vital need in the town and offers a rewarding opportunity for volunteering.

How to become a Trustee.

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